Wide range of sustainable flower bulbs from NLG Holland

sustainable flower bulbs

NLG Holland offers a wide range of flower bulbs. All high-quality bulbs with strong flowers. And they look gorgeous too. We supply the bulbs directly from the grower. We offer bulbs that have been grown naturally. The product range includes:

  • tulips
  • daffodils
  • crocuses
  • lilies
  • cammasia
  • hyacinths
  • muscari
  • naturalising bulbs


Some of our members grow peonies too. These are not flower bulbs, of course. They are, however, grown sustainably and for sale with the cooperative.

Greenhouse growers

Some of our members have their own greenhouses for forcing bulbs. In the Netherlands or abroad. From the end of November to the end of March, they force around 20 million regular tulips and peony tulips. These are primarily grown for export.


Tulip bulbs

NLG Holland supplies bulbs for magnificent tulips. The signature flowers of the Netherlands. Our tulip bulbs come in many types and shades. In addition, we grow tulip bulbs with large, strong, peony-type flowers. Just before winter sets in, in October or November, you put the bulbs into the ground. And then you will enjoy the most beautiful tulips in April and May of the next year.



Daffodil bulbs

Soms of our members grow daffodil bulbs naturally. Daffodils set the tone in early spring, both on our fields and in your garden. Most people are familiar with yellow daffodils. But they are also available in many other shades. And with splashes of other colours, such as white, orange or pink. Daffodil bulbs are usually planted in October or November. The daffodils will bloom in March and April of the next year. They grow up to a height of 25 to 30 centimetres.



Crocus bulbs

NLG Holland supplies crocus bulbs as well. They have been sustainably grown, environment-friendly. Crocuses are very much a part of spring. They provide food for bees. And so it is extremely important that they are grown without the use of crop protection products. They are often planted in clusters in the garden. Crocuses are available in various colours, such as white, yellow and purple. They will bloom in February and March. And they grow up to a height of 10 to 15 centimetres. Because they are small, they can deal with the unpredictable spring weather. Crocuses do well in the sun. But in shady patches they will bloom just as luxuriantly.




Some NLG Holland members grow lily bulbs. Lilies are wonderful flowers with a long history. The Persians and Assyrians grew them as early as 800 BCE. And they are still very popular today. Lilies are available in various beautiful colours, such as orange, white, pink or yellow. The Netherlands is the largest export country when it comes to tulips and these fine flowers. You can plant the bulbs in April or May. Lilies bloom from June through to August. On average, they will reach a height of 85 centimetres.


Camassia bulbs

Some NLG Holland members grow organic camassia bulbs. The flowers of the camassia are white, violet, or blue, and cluster in a spike at the top of the stem. When the flowers have finished blooming, the petals will twist as they dry: a decorative effect. You can plant them in October or November. Camassia Leichtlini will flower in May and June. The stems will grow to a height of 50 to 90 centimetres.


Hyacinth bulbs

Several growers in the NLG Holland cooperative grow natural hyacinth bulbs. When the crocuses have finished blooming, it is the turn of the fragrant hyacinths. They are available in purple, blue and white. Hyacinths are planted in October or November. Most hyacinths will bloom in March and April. They will grow to a height of around 20 centimetres.


Muscari bulbs

A few NLG Holland members grow muscari bulbs naturally. Muscari are commonly known as grape hyacinths. They are available in blue or white, and are planted in October or November. Muscari bloom in April and May, and will grow to a height of around 15 centimetres.



Naturalising bulbs

Naturalising bulbs are part of the range offered by NLG Holland as well. Do you have spots in your garden that are difficult to reach, but where you would like to have flowers all the same? Our mix of naturalising bulbs may solve this problem. You only have to plant them once, in October or November. After that, you will be able to enjoy these returning plants year after year. The bulbs can be planted in sun or in shadow. Because the bulbs are mixed, they will flower in succession. And you will be able to enjoy beautiful flowers in your garden throughout the year.




NLG Holland is your first stop for sustainably grown peonies as well. They come in various beautiful colours, such as red, white, yellow, or pink. Peonies are perennials. They will bring wonderful, large flowers with a lovely scent to your garden, year in, year out. They are planted in September or October. Peonies flower in the months of May and June.