Advice sustainable growth

Advice sustainable growthConsultants sustainable growth

Roelf Havinga and Henk Jan Bakker advise NLG Holland about sustainable growth. Both are consultants in the field of sustainable types of agriculture. Roelf Havinga works at Team Ecosys in Twello. Henk Jan Bakker comes from Green Balance in Berkhout.

Farmland is a coherent system

Advice sustainable growthFor over two years, Roelf Havinga and Henk Jan Bakker have been working as consultants on the sustainable improvement of soil life and crop protection. At first, they worked for the Natural Living and Growth network, our predecessor. And now they work for NLG Holland. Just like we do, Havinga and Bakker look at farmland as a coherent system.
Together, we are committed to optimise the soil balance. To grow strong, healthy, durable, and even organic bulbs. We do the research together. And successfully too. We have achieved some good results so far.