Quality mark sustainable bulbs

Highest environmental standards

NLG Holland is currently developing its own quality mark for sustainable flower bulbs. For bulbs that are grown in accordance with the highest environmental standards. Our growing methods are increasingly sustainable. And we use ever less fertiliser and chemical crop protection products. We are dedicated to our innovative, yet authentic growing methods. That way, you can be sure that you receive sustainable flower bulbs. And we are proud of it. One of our members is growing bulbs organically. Meeting the requirements of the Skal quality mark. In this way, you can be sure that the bulbs have been grown in a sustainable manner.

Our own quality mark for sustainability

Quality mark sustainable bulbsIf our logo is on the package, the bulbs have been grown sustainably. You can rely on that.
Our bulbs and our growing methods are tested several times a year. These tests are carried out by approved laboratories according to the strictest environmental standards. These laboratories are completely independent. They also check the entire business chain for sustainability. Only when all requirements are met, will the products be provided with our logo.
The tests take the following aspects into account:

  •  the quality of the bulbs
  •  the quality of the soil in which they are grown
  •  the growth promotors or pesticides used

In addition, we all meet the statutory requirements regarding:

  •  storage
  •  packaging
  •  transport
  •  waste disposal
  •  use of electricity
  •  hygiene
  •  care for our staff

Skal, organic quality logo

Quality mark sustainable bulbsThe packing of our organic bulbs shows the Skal quality mark. This way, you can be sure that the bulbs are 100% organically grown. It means that the product, the growing process and the soil are regularly inspected by Skal Biocontrole. Skal is the control authority for the reliability of organic production in the Netherlands. The inspections are carried out by order of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. This foundation is the only organisation in the Netherlands that is authorised to check and certify organic flower bulbs. The Skal certificate is based on European legislation. For more information: www.skal.nl