Ordering sustainable flower bulbs from NLG Holland

Do you want to order sustainable flower bulbs? Orders can be placed directly with NLG Holland, all year round. We supply a wide range of sustainably or organically grown bulbs. The delivery is made as soon as the bulbs have been uprooted. This takes place between the end of June and the end of August. Lilies are uprooted between November and January. This way, you can be sure of a high-quality product yielding beautiful flowers. We ship our flower bulbs worldwide. Our assortment includes the bulbs of:

  •  Ordertulips
  •  daffodils
  •  crocuses
  •  lilies
  •  peonies
  •  cammasia
  •  hyacinths
  •  muscari
  •  naturalising bulbs

In addition, we force sustainable tulips and peony tulips. So that we can provide you with our high-quality, sustainable tulips all through the winter.

Order options for exporters and the public sector

We supply the bulk of our sustainable and organic bulbs directly to exporters. These bulbs are delivered in crates. In addition, many government bodies order their sustainable and organic bulbs directly with us. To put a splash of colour in the borders and roundabouts in the cities or along secondary roads.

Ordering options for retailers and individuals

We also have retailers and individual customers who buy their bulbs with us. We offer various standard packages with sustainable bulbs, in sustainable containers – that goes without saying. As a retailer, you may opt for a simple mix of sustainable bulbs in recyclable packaging or in decorative boxes. Are you an individual customer? We offer sets of fifteen sustainable bulbs, in a decorative and environmentally-friendly package.


Would you like to order sustainable flower bulbs or tulips from NLG Holland? Or would you like to receive further information about our products and delivery methods? Please contact Colja Corts at +31(0)613 195 012 or through our contact form.