What is NLG Holland?

NLG Holland, a cooperative of growers of sustainable bulbs from North Holland

NLG Holland is a cooperative of growers of sustainable flower bulbs from North Holland. Our cooperative has evolved from Natural Living and Growth, a professional network.

What is NLG Holland?

Natural Living and Growth

A small group of bulb growers from North Holland launched the Natural Living and Growth network in October 2012. The participants worked on soil improvement. They had noticed how the bulb yields differed strongly from one year to the next. They had also noticed that weeds and diseases were not eradicated. In spite of annually increased doses of fertiliser and chemical crop protection products. They wanted to change all that. Their objectives:

  •  to use less fertiliser and chemical crop protection products
  •  to improve soil structure, gas exchange, and drainage
  •  to find sustainable and practicable methods for increasing the vitality and quality of the flower bulbs
  •  to decrease the risk of diseases

The growers in this network gained a lot of knowledge on the sustainable growth of flower bulbs.

The NLG Holland cooperative

In the meantime, the professional network has evolved into the NLG Holland cooperative. The objectives have remained the same. But the sustainable growth of bulbs requires much research, time and funds. That is why we founded NLG Holland. A cooperative of sustainable bulb growers.

We have joined forces in order to:

  •  increase our knowledge about the sustainable growth of bulbs
  •  learn from each other
  •  share our knowledge with others, for instance through workshops or open days
  •  do research
  •  serve the domestic market
  •  export our products

What is NLG Holland?