Research results

Restored vitality the soil

It is possible to restore the vitality of the soil. Research results from the past few years are very clear in this respect. This recovery can be effected by reducing the use of the classic crop protection products. And by choosing natural additions, such as enriched compost and green manure. This will promote the return of microbes, fungi, earth worms and dung worms, and small insects to the soil. And that is our goal.

Flowering field margins

bloeiende-akkerrand2Natural insect populations help us to prevent agricultural pests. By planting flowering field margins, these insects are lured to our fields. And by using natural plant invigorators, the bulbs that are grown become stronger. At the same time, they become less sensitive to fungi and viruses. In addition, we are experimenting with non-inversion tillage. This will keep the existing soil life intact.