Philosophy NLG Holland

Fewer chemicals in bulb growing

Philosophy NLG HollandUsing fewer chemicals in the growth of flower bulbs. And so supplying a sustainable product at a fair price. That is the mission of the NLG Holland members. It is our philosophy. It comes with a decreased use of fertilisers and chemical crop protection products. And growing in a sustainable way. We want to return to the ‘old’ trade of growing bulbs. With the knowhow of today.

What does NLG Holland do?

We do all this by creating a vital soil life, and by using:

  •  sustainable compost
  •  natural soil improvers
  •  natural green manure
  •  flowering field margins

This increases the natural resistance to fungi and viruses in our flower bulbs. And as we all know, healthy soil will yield healthy plants.

We use fewer and fewer chemicals in growing bulbs. Even to the extent that we meet the strictest environmental standards. In addition, one of our members grows his bulbs organically and meets the Skal quality mark. In short, NLG Holland grows bulbs that will make you happy.