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NLG Holland for sustainable bulbs

NLG Holland sustainable bulbsGrowing sustainable bulbs, in an innovative, yet authentic way. That is the mission of NLG Holland, a cooperative of bulb growers from the Dutch province of North Holland. Our members are trying to return to the ‘old’ trade – with today’s knowledge of natural and modern technology. Nowadays, many people want to live a conscious lifestyle. Interact consciously with the environment and with nature. And go back to traditionally made, natural products.

NLG Holland stands for Natural Living and Growth Holland. The cooperative evolved from the professional network Natural Living and Growth. This group of bulb growers from North Holland worked on soil improvement. In the process, the growers have gained a lot of knowhow about the sustainable growth of flower bulbs.

What is the aim of NLG Holland?

We are a group of nine specialised bulb growers. Together we form the NLG Holland cooperative. We feel that sustainable growth is important. And we want to share our knowhow about the natural growth of flower bulbs. With each other and with other interested parties. We have joined forces in order to:

increase our knowledge of the sustainable growth of bulbs

  •  learn from each other
  •  share our knowhow with others, for instance through workshops and open days
  •  do research
  •  serve the domestic market
  •  export our products

Research into growing sustainable flower bulbs

Research allows us to grow sustainable flower bulbs. Solid, practical research is extremely important and has yielded various breakthroughs. As a result, our use of chemical crop protection products has dropped. By more than 50% in two years’ time! Instead, we use lime and trace minerals. And we are proud of the results: fewer and fewer weeds. As well as sustainable and good products for a fair price. Read more.

Flower bulbs, the ultimate Dutch export product

Bulbs are the ultimate Dutch products. Developed by pioneers who are willing ‘to look across the borders’. Literally and figuratively. Not just by selecting sustainable growing methods. But also by exporting their bulbs. Today’s pioneers, the members of NLG Holland like working together.

NLG dealer Poortershaven

NLG Holland is also a dealer for Poortershaven stone powder. It concerns three products: BioLit sand, Coccolith Lime and Leonardite. Members of NLG Holland have been working with these products for some time now. BioLit, Coccolith Lime and Leonardite are natural materials. They improve the structure of the soil, as well as the bulbs and plants growing on it. The dealership service area is limited to the north of North Holland.

For orders or more information

Do you want to buy sustainable flower bulbs or stone powder? Or would you like to know more about our growing methods? Please contact Colja Corts at +31(0)613 195 012or through our contact form.


NLG becomes dealer for Poortershaven

On 18 February 2016, NLG Holland became a dealer for Poortershaven. This company is located in Rotterdam and supplies soil-improving minerals. The dealership extends to bulb growers in the north of North Holland. It concerns three products: BioLit sand, Coccolith lime, and Leonardite. NLG Holland has been using the Poortershaven products for a longer period of time now. BioLit, Coccolith Lime, and Leonardite are natural materials. They improve the structure of the soil, as well as the bulbs and plants growing in it.



Orientation day ecological bulb growing

The orientation programme for the ecological growth of flower bulbs is a unique event. You will gain an understanding of ecological growth. And get to meet our members and learn about their growing methods. If you are a flower bulb grower or otherwise interested, you should not miss this opportunity.